Thursday, April 25, 2013

That darned kick

I have been working on my kick for years now.  When Jen first called me on it, I was a little shocked.  I thought I'd been kicking, but what I'd been doing all along was just a light flick.  So I started incorporating kicking drills into my sessions.  But I still seem to have difficulty using the kick as propulsion.  The power I generate from the kick is not moving through my body to give me the thrust I need.

I guess I'd been over rotating as a way to compensate for that but last night, Jen called me on it.  She said I need to do a lot more core work.  Lots more kicking drills, focusing on my core, and especially dolphin kicking on my back as well as my front.  I have been doing my dolphin kicks with my fins, telling myself that I was still getting the benefits.  Time to leave them in the bag.  In addition, I really need to do more dryland core work.  I do planks and 100's on my own every day but I need to start taking a pilates class to really get deep down into the gushy part of my belly and wake up any muscles that lie there.

The thing I love about swimming is that I am constantly learning more and reaching for this place where the technique clicks and the movement flows.

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