Friday, April 12, 2013


Yesterday I was interviewed alongside Costume Designer Vivian Baumann and Filmmaker Randall Lloyd Okita for the Canadian Craft and Design Magazine Studio.  The writer, Jean Kares, is a Textile Artist and an Art historian, as well as a writer.

Sooo, what the hell was a stinky ocean rat like me doing sitting around a round table with a bunch of incredible artists?  Jean wanted her article to explore the collaborative process that was involved in the making of Fish in Barrel, Randall's award winning film, and particularly the spectacular costume designed and built by Vivian.  I was, of course,  the lucky one who got to wear it and swim around a pool.  It was all in the service of bringing to life a character Randall envisioned for the film.  He and Vivian brainstormed and she built the costume; my only input was telling them my requirements to swim in it and then to show it off to the best of my ability.

To revisit my inital post about the experience go here.

Not sure when the article will be out but I will post a link to it here when I find out.

OK, for my next post I will get back to writing about what I know.  Since Denis and I got into a conversation about this last week, and I've been meaning to write about other preparations for long distance swims, my next post will be about peeing while swimming.  See, I can be all highbrow too.

Meanwhile, visit Randall's site and take a look around, his work really is astounding.  It was great reuniting with him (via Skype) and with Vivian, who built one of the most memorable and beautiful costumes I've ever had the privilege to wear.

Can you spot my face?

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