Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pushing beyond the comfort zone

I decided yesterday to swim without my gloves and to extend the distance by a bit.   But since the Timex GPS watch I bought from MEC conked out as soon as I put it in cold water last winter, I haven't really had a way of gauging distance. I wanted to add 1/2  a kilometer to my swim so decided the night before that I would swim back to the starting point, past Whytecliffe.  I thought that if, on the way back I swam across the mouth of Whytecliff rather than into it, I should get at least another 500 meters.  Joe was game so we began to swim the usual route, though I took it a lot easier knowing I had a little more distance to cover on the back end.   Mid way Joe told me his GPS showed the additional distance as a little more than 500 m.  We decided to go for it though we both did slow further down.  I could feel my technique falling apart at the end and decided it was good training for the end of the race.

It took us 1:22 and the distance covered was 3.9km.  We decided next week to skirt Whytecliff bay on both the way out and the way in, which should pull the distance down to around 3.5km.  I really want to take it easy and give my shoulders time to adapt to the longer distances.

The weather is definitely improving - blue skies and the water feels warmer each week.  Winter ocean is giving way to Spring ocean.  It's great, of course, being able to lose the gloves and I'm hoping more soon (socks, hood).  But there are drawbacks as well: the loss of visibility as plankton blooms and the increased boat traffic.  It's kind of drag to have to share the water with recreational boaters and fishermen.

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