Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nov 3

Yesterday was a mild, rainy day.  When Eric and I arrived at Whytecliffe the tide was high and the water was calm.  Water temperature was 9 C and Eric suggested taking more time to immerse myself slowly in the water.  I walked in to my thighs and splashed my back, arms, chest and face and then immersed myself to my neck, careful to keep my arms against my body.  After I became habituated to the water I exposed my underarms and side body to it and then tried to relax and become comfortable with the temperature.  All in all, I think I spent 1:30 just becoming acclimated.

After that I swam 12 1/2 minutes and felt quite comfortable.  The shivering started about 7 minutes after I emerged and lasted about 20 minutes. 

Thanks to Eric for taking photos and the benefit of all his cold water experience.  On his advice, I'll try to stay in 18 minutes next week. He also suggests I try to swim twice/week in the ocean rather than just once to speed up the process.

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