Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To flu shot or not flu shot?

That is the question.

I've always avoided the flu shot reasoning that the more viruses my body fights off, the stronger its immune system becomes.  Older people or people with compromised immune systems may need a shot, but a healthy adult could only benefit from fighting the nasty bugs, right?

But last year I came down with the mother of all flu's and was out for the count for almost two weeks.  And I spent all of last week out of the water, both the pool and the ocean, because of a cold that was doing the rounds.  I'm tired of losing time in the water and going backward in my training because I'm laid up sniffling and sneezing.  Working long hours in a pretty unhealthy industry means that every thing out there ends up steeping in corners around my office.  No matter how hard I try to avoid people or how many times I wash my hands each day, it ends up catching up with me eventually.

So, for the first time ever I am contemplating getting the flu shot.  I still feel kind of weird about it.  Will the shot affect me in a negative way?  Does this make me a wimp?  Is this just vaccination for convenience?

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