Sunday, June 17, 2012


I was hoping this June would be better than the previous one so I could get in the ocean earlier but alas, we have seen a repeat of last year's misery.  Rain, rain, cold, clouds, and rain, just for a change.  I have managed a couple of VOWSA swims but that has been it so far.  The water has been about 12 degrees and I haven't been warm enough to swim more than one loop of the 1.2km course.

Matt, myself and a few swim buddies are going to Whytecliffe today to swim about 2km, and the open water swim pod starts tomorrow so I hope to get up to speed in the suit soon.  I am swimming in the Nineteen suit I bought last year and it just sucks in terms of flexibility compared with my freediving suits.  I want to buy a thinner suit that will allow my shoulders and arms better ease of movement but am also concerned with warmth since I believe I will be swimming for at least 4 hours.  What to do?

I had hoped to swim the Canada Day 4km swim without a wetsuit this year but the weather gods have conspired to keep Sasamat Lake from warming up at all so I will be in a wetsuit for that race.  I was hoping to log some race times without a wetsuit but that will have to continue to wait.  Hmmm....maybe Rattlesnake?

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