Friday, December 16, 2011

Bravo, Starfins, Bravo!

(imagine the sound of hands clapping here)

Well the fin did not disappoint! I tried it out at the Vancouver Aquatic Center after a swim session and the 50m lane flew past as quickly as my 20's did. What a fin! So smooth, so light,!

Obviously I need to put some weight around my waist and I was battling the shallow water but other than that, it felt absolutely terrific. I can't wait to take it into the ocean which I will do as soon as my 7mm suit arrives from Elios.

Thank you so much to Alex and Starfins for this fin - I have a feeling it will be a close companion through many adventures.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Yep, gotta say your kick looks 100-times better with the new fin. Your upper-body is sooo stable compared to when you had the stiffer Triton. Congratulations!