Monday, November 14, 2011

Fingers crossed.

I have been plugging up the holes in my 5mm suit for years now. At the beginning and end of each season I spend a day poring over the seams and preemptively gluing any area that looks like it is thinking of coming apart. My Top Sub suit has served me well and I have gotten more than my money's worth, but it is time to venture into new and unchartered territory. Elios.

Eric has been berating me for years about being too cheap to invest in a warm suit to extend my time in the water. So, Matt and I both finally bit the bullet and ordered 7mm suits. I have had problems ordering suits from Europe in the past: I had to return my 5mm to Italy to bring in the hips and legs, and the hood of my 3mm was resized here in Vancouver, by Oceaner. Pete and Eric have been ordering Elios suits for years and assure me that they have never had a problem with fit.

So far, the process has been pleasant. Elios has uploaded several youtube videos illustrating the proper measuring techniques, and these were very helpful. When I submitted the order they responded promptly, asking me to double check some of the measurements. I am keeping my figers crossed. The suit is scheduled to arrive some time in December, and all I can do is hope until then.

Thereby continues the endless quest for freediving gear in Canada. Jean, a freediver from France that is part of our training group, has the shiniest, most beautiful gear. I think he may have been a little shocked the first time he saw our taped together, scratched, glued, and patched suits and fins. Everyone I dive with has a frankensuit, made up of bits and pieces of other suits. All of us have repaired masks and fins using whatever materials were on hand. Since gear is pretty much available only in Europe, we take huge risks each time we order something online. Will it fit? Is it the right choice? Freediving gear is expensive. Add shipping, duties and taxes and it becomes very expensive. We try and pool orders, we share equipment and information about what doesn't work and what does. A good supplier that listens to us is revered. It's all part of participating in a fringe sport. Devoted? Hell no. We're downright obsessed.

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