Thursday, October 20, 2011

Found: my lost motivation

After the last race I balked at the idea of getting back in the pool to stare at a black line for months and months. I'd lost my motivation and struggled to get it back.

The solution came to me slowly, over a period of long days and weeks during which I allowed myself to rest until I became quite restless and bored. When I found myself checking and re-checking swimming and freediving blogs, I knew I was getting ready to start training again. Needing further inspiration for the pool I joined a Sea Hiker Swim Pod to learn more about technique for distance swimming and have fun swimming with a group. We meet Monday nights. Also, a few of us have started a freedive training group that meets twice a week. We get together to do static and dynamic training. Something about including a social aspect to my training makes it much easier to leave my warm house to go jump in a cold pool. In addition to all this, I am running three mornings a week and since I started working on a new TV series, the quiet time alone in the early morning is much appreciated.

So, what am I training for? I have no freediving competitions or swimming races in the near future. Summer is a long, long way off. Somehow I have to keep myself interested and engaged for many months before I have another event to look forward to. Until then Matt and I have planned to break up the winter with some smaller goals: a maybe trip to Mexico in November and a booked trip to Hornby Island in February to dive with our old friends the sea lions.

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