Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kits Challenge - 2011

All smiles after the races. Left to right: Damiano, Anna, Ananda, Peter, Mario, Matt. Down in front: Linda, me.

Whew! The 3km is under my belt and I can concentrate on the 7km coming up next Saturday. I had hoped to finish the race at around an hour so was extremely pleased with a 50:54 finish. My first 1.5km was 23:54 - very fast for me - but my second lap was 27 minutes; so I definitely lost some time on the second leg which gives me something to work on. I'm not sure how I can train to keep my pace up but I spoke with swim coach extraordinaire and, lucky for me, good friend Pete Scott a little about pacing and tempo and I am planning on mining him for more training tips. Another thing I really need to work on is sighting; I wandered off course and had to adjust quite a bit, which cost me a lot of time.

Matt crossing the finish line

Matt signed up for the 1.5km but on race day asked officials if he could switch to the 3km. They agreed but because they had registered him for the 1.5km the computer went crazy when his chip showed him arriving before he was due to start. So, unfortunately, his results are still not officially posted. Luckily Mario was there timing and marked him as arriving 2:53 minutes before me, which gives him a time of 48:01. We know his timing was accurate because he was bang on with my results as well. But, that leaves Matt wondering about his splits.

I pretty much stumbled across the finish line but at least I made it!

Matt and I entered the water together and I drafted him to the first buoy at which point he took off leaving me in his bubble trail. I caught up with him as we turned the last red buoy and followed him all the way past the yellow buoy and into the beach. But, by the time I exited the water for the run through I lost him and never caught up with him again. We figure he was a few seconds ahead of me after the first lap and since he didn't lose the 3 minutes I did on the second lap, he must have swam at pretty much the same pace the whole race. What a solid swim for him! I've been watching his technique get better and better these last few weeks while training and I have a feeling that next year he'll be out of my sight as soon as we start.

Peter Scott kicked butt on the 1.5km finishing 8th overall (!!!) and won his age group with a brilliant time of 21:35. Pretty impressive. A lot of his Sea Hiker clients were there either swimming their first race or gushing about how much he had helped them improve their times. He's a hot commodity as a coach right now and I am hoping to engage him to help me improve my technique and hopefully keep improving. He definitely deserves all the credit for what we have learned so far and for getting us both racing - we owe him a lot. Yay Pete!

Damiano Angoli came out to race on a whim. Of course he's been a lifelong swimmer and still spends countless hours in the pool so he's in great shape. He swam the 1.5km in 22:54 which is a pretty awesome time that managed to bring him in 12th overall. We were so glad he joined us and hope that he will continue to come out for races.

One happy couple

Ananda, Mario, Linda and Anna came out to cheer us on and it was really wonderful to have this fantastic group of people to celebrate with on an overcast Saturday morning. Ananda and Mario also took photographs of us during the race. Thanks a lot everyone for making it a morning to remember!

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