Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Statics with Matt

It had been such a long time since I held my breath in a pool. I used to like dynamics - but not statics, never statics. My ego always used them as an excuse to beat me up and I never quite figured out how to shut it down. There are a lot of negative connotations for me around the discipline: bad training memories, goals never reached, and after 2006 I just decided to give them up. I started spending more and more time in the ocean, and just kind of drifted away from the pool.

But, as summer ended and the water began to feel a little chilly, I found myself ready to tackle statics as a training method, and hoping to get to the point where the idea of contractions in a pool no longer terrified me. Eric had been encouraging me to take them up again and after watching him train this spring, I decided to do it. The summer was way too busy with visitors and outings for me to get into the mindset, but just this last week-end, sandwiched between three thanksgiving dinners, Matt and I made a trip to the pool.

It was a little scary for both of us, but we decided the goal of the trip would only be to hold our breath, and pay attention to what happened in our minds and bodies while we did so. We were both surprised at how comfortable it was. We took it easy, letting ourselves feel the early, light contractions but pulling up way before the painful ones. This wasn't about a number. It was about relaxing through the time before they came. It was about refuting any number that popped into our minds. It was about letting it happen.

And we did. Both of us. They weren't great numbers, but we both felt successful and pleased with what we had done. Sitting in the hot tub afterward we were a little confused by how fun the session had been. We're still not sure where we'll go from here, probably a few more sessions of just getting used to the sensations again and then maybe, if we're up to it, pushing the time a little. I'm just pleased we both finally understand that statics don't have to be a punishment, they can be fun.

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