Friday, November 27, 2009

2009 Freediving World Championships: Friday November 27. Women’s CNF

First day of competition, and there was a lot of action for the safety team. Two underwater blackouts and several surface blackouts. Junko did a 45m dive for the Japanese national record! She looked very strong, although after her surface protocol and while waiting for her card from the judges she whispered to me “sooo scary!” Klara from Sweden, Kathryn from NZ, and a Czech diver had somepretty serious blackouts: I was primary safety for Klara and waited 2 minutes for her while she was trying to equalize to the bottom plate. There were also a lot of turns, sambas, and missed surface protocols: basically every diver that made a clean performance got into the finals!Congratulating Junko on her record breaking dive

Québécois Martin and Philippe after a tough day of safety

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