Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 1 - Competition

The rain has finally stopped and the sun is shining with nary a cloud in the sky. Doug, Aaron and Lars arrived in the middle of the night from Toronto. We're all to meet at the Quarry at 11:30AM for the briefing. I've announced 40m FI, Matt has announced 40m CB and Pete has announced 45m CNF.
Later...much later (2 beer, pizza and a big plate of spaghetti later)...
Matt and I both got our tags, though Matt had a much more hairy dive than I did. Pete's tag got stuck on the way down and his lanyard grabbed it twice. The second time he decided that dragging it down to 45m may not be the best idea so he turned and brought it up with him. He will re-do the dive tomorrow. The counterbalance Doug built is wonderful - the system was set up with two warm up lines, a transition zone before the counterbalance and then the competition line. The safeties were professional and organized and the whole thing ran extremely smoothly. Kudos to Doug and his team!! The DJs decided to play whale music while we dived so it was very relaxing. My dive went perfectly except that I started one second too early (-1 point). As soon as I dived I thought "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit" but then decided to forget about it and concentrate on equalizing. Before I knew it I was at the plate with plenty of air still left. Aaron met me at 20m and I tried not too smile too widely when I saw him. All in all it was easy and fun. The perfect dive!!

I have announced 50m CB for tomorrow, Matt has announced 42m CB and Pete 61m CB. Pete will also start the day with his 45m CNF re-do dive. So he will dive twice tomorrow.

If tomorrow is half as enjoyable as today was it will be something to remember forever. This has been far and away my most positive competitive experience. Supportive environment, great judges, fun and fun-loving people and a top notch dive site. The members of CASM and Freedive Toronto have really created special clubs here, that's for sure.

Setting the counterbalance up

Only in Montreal! Matt took advantage of the on-site beer garden right after his dive. What better than a tag in one hand and a beer in the other?

Aaron, Martin, me, Paul, Nathalie and Marie-Odile (with her very cool AIDA Canada finbag)

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