Friday, July 31, 2009

Peter and Nathalie arrived yesterday afternoon and Francois and Marie-Odile late last night. The cottage rental arranged by Francois fell through so everyone from the competition will be staying at the trés chic Balmoral with us. The hotel is also hosting a sex convention on Saturday so it should get interesting around here shortly.

After sharing some beer and chocolate and catching up, everyone headed off to bed for a good night’s sleep before the week-end’s festivities begin. And it will be festive. The competition is taking place in conjunction with an enormous scuba diving extravaganza. There will be an underwater art show, music and a beer garden. Last year 1,300 scuba divers attended and this year they have predicted double that amount. Matt and I have been watching tents and port-a-potties being set up for the last two days. With all those scuba divers around us I suspect it will be like diving in a large glass of coca cola. Should make for a fun (and loud) competition.

Today we're taking out a static line for some official training - I guess I'll see if it really does get down to 2°C at depth.

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