Friday, July 31, 2009

Official Training Day

Breakfast at Mama Lisa's. From left to right Pete, Matt, me, Nathalie, Francois, Marie-Odile, Philippe & Martin

Flintkote Quarry. The buoys in the center of the photo are supporting the paintings which are suspended just below the surface. After lunch we all met up with Paul, Matthiew and Guillaume for some training dives on the static line. Despite the cold water and the rainy day my dive to 40m was quite comfortable. Matt and I have decided to stick with our 5mm suits like most everyone else, but Philippe and Pete wore their 3mm suits and said they were warm throughout their dives. Flintkote is a perfect training site: great visibility, no current or tides, no jellyfish or other stinging sea life, warm surface.

Getting ready to test Pete's skookum new lanyard

While we were getting out, the underwater DJs were setting up. Using equipment usually reserved for recording marine mammals they will be pumping music underwater throughout the day. So we'll be lucky enough to dive to Bob Marley; or maybe...Metallica?? As we were leaving we noticed more tents set up in the camping area and cars still rolling through the gates. Tonight there will be live music but the competitors, safety team and judges are planning for dinner and an early night.

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