Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where we dive.

It took Soren from Freedive Toronto to document our favourite dive site. Here is Ansell Point in West Vancouver, BC. It sits between Horseshoe Bay and Sunset Marina and has a beautiful wall to explore very close to shore. On the other side of the wall it drops off dramatically so you can get as much depth as you need by swimming out a short distance. On shore there are large rocks to lay down on and warm up after the dive. The perfect freediving spot.

Matt and I measuring out the line and tying on the bottom weight for the day's diving.

Hanging out with Soren, who was was in Vancouver on business. We were only able to meet with him that one day but he also got out with Tyler, Pete and Eric while he was in town.

The built in rinsing station. When it's really hot you can get changed under the waterfall and rinse yourself and the gear all in one go.

The long climb back to the car.

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