Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spring training

Our training team has been managing about 3 days/week in the water for the past month or so. Two days on the line and one day "recreational" diving. Of course every dive is an opportunity to learn something and Eric has been giving me tasks for my recreational dives as well. On the line I have been working on free immersion and constant ballast, making several PBs on the FI dives and working towards finding my way back to my CB PB. Above is Alexandra, Tyler, Pete, Eric, me, Matt and Moses (the shaggy one).

Diving with Eric, Pete and Tyler has been very enlightening for me. They each have their own distinctive way and reasons for diving. Every time I go out with them I learn something new or see something in a completely different way.

The Dive boat with Tyler, Eric, Giovanni and Pete, with my butt in the foreground.

Matt made this video of my descent on a 37m FI dive (please excuse the wedgie). I'm not used to deep dives without a monofin - it's a vulnerable feeling. Plus I underestimated the stabilizing properties of the monofin; my lower body felt very loose waving around down there. Tyler suggested I focus on keeping my legs together and my body straight. Something to work on next time.

I followed this up with a 42m CB dive and plan to work a while in the 40ish range to get really flexible and comfortable before moving deeper. Matt was safety for all of our deep dives. He hasn't had the time to train with the rest of us this spring so it gave him a chance to work on his chest flexibility and deep hangs. He said waiting for divers at 30m helped.

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