Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, the glamour...

When I was originally called to do stunts on "Fish" I was told they needed a freediver. It was only after I was hired that I was informed that I would be doing harness work as well. How hard could it be? I thought. My second full day of stunts on the film basically involved being spun around over and over until I came dangerously close to throwing up, while being hosed down with water. First in a flying harness during a fight sequence with another creature called "Hunter" (my creature is called "Fish") and then on something called a turntable.

Here are some photos of the test day. The SPFX and Stunts crew wanted us to get comfortable with the harnesses and practice the fight sequence (apparently the film leaves it up in the air as to who wins but I like to believe my character does).

Here's Brendan, who plays "Hunter", in a very becoming nude wetsuit:
On shoot day, the SPFX Coordinator Darcy double checks the harness and pick points
Brendan getting rigged. He had it a lot worse than I did as he was on his back and didn't have use of his arms or legs. His head was also completed covered by a hood for the shot.
Here is the Director giving us instructions between takes (I'm already pretty dizzy by this point)
Getting ready to spin and fight
The final instrument of torture....the turntable
And that's a wrap for me.
Thanks again Matt, for hanging out and taking all the photos

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