Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back diving with my peeps!

When you hang up your scuba tanks and start freediving your old scuba buddies generally think you've gone a little loco and write you off. It was with much determination that my two former dive buddies and I hammered out time for one another on land, since we were no longer diving together. I felt like I had betrayed them somehow. Luckily Bridget and Braden were open-minded enough to give it a go and discovered soon enough that they love freediving.

Little do they know that my evil plan involves sucking them in completely and monopolizing their water time so that they become freedive junkies like me. I think they're already well on their way.


Today was the first time since 2005 that we were all back in the water together. Matt came along to enjoy the warm weather and document the reunion. We chose Whytecliffe, a marine park and favourite dive site. It did not disappoint.

Sunflower stars either loving or fighting one another, hard to tell


Bridget spotting the seal pup that hung out with us the whole time we were in the water

The requisite cute pup shots

Braden is a brand new freediver and she's already doing minute long dives!

Matt was wielding the camera again today so we got lots of pretty shots. Here's a wall of starfish ...and a large orange peel nudibranch with feather dusters (tube worms)

There's no better way to spend time in the water then cavorting with a seal pup

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